Build Your Own Customized Fleshlight

Did you know that you can build your own Fleshlight and customize it pretty much anyway you want?

new fleshlight textures 2013

You get to pick the color of the case, choose between four different orifice openings and there are over 10 textures to choose from including some of the best Fleshlight sleeves ever made, Destroya, Bi-Hive and Mini-Lotus.

build custom fleshlight texture

The new 2013 Build Your Own Fleshlight feature on lets you enjoy the best of the best at a lower price then before. You could only get these textures when you bought a Fleshlight Girl product and they were way more expensive.


  1. victor odhiambo

    Can I customize bigger size the one I bought small in diameter/opening

    • You can choose between four different orifices. The size of the opening is a bit different on all of them. The Butt/Anal is tightest. The Mouth is second tightest and the vagina usually has the larger opening.

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