Fleshlight Flight – New Texture Reviews

The 2013 version of the popular male masturbator toy Fleshlight Flight now comes in white and with two new exciting sleeve textures as well as a collection cup for your sperm!

Fleshlight Flight – New Texture Reviews
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Fleshlight Flight – Instructor Texture


The instructor texture based on the STU (stamina training unit) Fleshlight but with a tighter and more stimulating fit. The smooth bumps will get you to orgasm very fast. The Flight Instructor Fleshlight is a cheap replacement for the more expensive STU Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Flight – Navigator Texture


The Flight MD texture gives you the best of two worlds. High stimulation from the front nodes and a smooth but tight sensation from the back of the texture. Vary the speed and depth of your strokes for a amazing masturbation experience. Perfect sex toy for guys that have sensitive cocks.

Fleshlight Flight – Pilot Texture


The black version of the Flight is still one of my all time favorites. The texture is inspired by one of the best selling Fleshlight sleeves ever made, the Stoya Destroya. The smaller design fits lets guys with big and small penises to enjoy the entire texture. This Pilot texture aka Mini-Destroya is INTENSE!

Buy the new 2013 versions of the Flight on Fleshlight.com


  1. Nice! I love my original Flight. Have been a fan of the smaller Fleshlights ever since I tried the Sex In A Can Pussy 2 years ago.

  2. Hey great site. The UPS guy dropped off my Fleshlight Flight, Instructor texture version yesterday. Just want to let you know that its perfect for me. I also own the gold Fleshlight, stamina training version but its a little too big for me. This Flight sex toy is smaller and tighter and feels way better on my dick. I wish I bought more lubricant because I think im going to masturbate with this toy 1-2 times every day hehehe 😀


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