Fleshlight Quickshot Review

This male masturbation toy is the shortest Fleshlight ever made measuring only 3.5 inches. The Quickshot is the first Fleshlight that most men can penetrate fully.

Fleshlight Quickshot Video Demonstration

The tiny Quickshot Fleshlight is very easy to prepare, use and clean. The small sleeve heats up very quickly, a couple of minutes under hot water and it is ready for use (pro tip: warm your lube as well). As with any Fleshlight, the warmer the sleeve is the better it will feel. It is a sin to not heat your Fleshlight before use!

How does it feel?

The Quickshot texture feels like a normal Fleshlight, the texture is soft, mushy and cozy just like a warm wet vagina. It fits great in your hand so you get great control over your stroking movement. Try different motions besides the regular up and down. Twist it around and play with the tip of your cock. I find the Quickshot Fleshlight excellent for edging. Great way to train stamina and climax control.

Quickshot Textures – Boost VS Vantage


The major difference between these two textures is that the Vantage (transparent ice sleeve) gets sticky. The material is not as smooth and skin like as the boost but when it is wet and lubricated you will not be bothered by this, it feels like a regular Fleshlight. I personally prefer the transparent Vantage texture because it lets you and your partner to witness the penetration, it looks really cool.

I couldn’t really tell the difference in sensation between the two textures. I think you will be happy with either one of the Quickshot Fleshlights. The more you use it the better it will feel simply because your cock gets used to this new sensation and you will learn how to masturbate and fuck it just the way you like it.

quickshot fleshlight review video

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