FleshPump – Electric Penis Pump

The Fleshlight company just launched a new penis pump product, it’s called FleshPump.


The Fleshpump is an electric erection enhancement tool for any cock owner that wants to experiment or treat their erectile dysfunction issues. Vacuum therapy will help you regain a firmer erection which in turn should give you back your confidence in bed. Erectile dysfunction doesn’t have to be permanent, it can be cured and a cock pump like the Fleshpump can be a great tool for healing.


This penis pump is electric so it does the pumping automatically and the built in quick release safety valve lets you remove the pump anytime you want so there is no risk of hurting yourself. But I recommend reading the instruction manual so you know how the device works before using it for the first time.

fleshpump penis pump review

Read more about the Fleshpump on Fleshlight.com

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