Flight Aviator Fleshlight

It’s the first of June and summer santa over at the Fleshlight company just released a new ICE Fleshlight called the Flight Aviator.

See Through Fleshlight Flight Aviator

Flight Aviator Sleeve Texture (Transparent / See Through Insert)

Flight Aviator Texture Review Fleshlight Ice

The Aviator is smaller Fleshlight that will fit normal cock sizes

Flight Aviator Fleshlight Cock Size Chart Comparison

So the Aviator Fleshlight has a smaller but more comfortable form factor. It’s not bulky and can easily be used with one hand. Thanks to the lightweight I also think it’s easier to use in the shower but be sure to pick up a Shower Mouth adapter as that isn’t included.

The transparent Fleshlights are great for couple foreplay in person or via webcam. Being able to see the actual penetration is very satisfying and looks really hot!

Check it out at Fleshlight.com

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