How Good Is The Sara Jay Fleshlight?

Sara Jay recently has a Fleshlight made out of her vagina. The Fleshlight looks exactly like Sara Jay’s pussy but how good does it really feel? Maybe you’ve tried other sex toys like the Pocket Pussy, Tenga or Meiki masturbators but if you’ve never fucked a Fleshlight you have to try it. There is a reason why it is number one selling sex toy for men.

Sara Jay’s Fleshlight Feels Amazing!


The Fleshlight material is really soft and smooth. The first time you touch a Fleshlight you are going to surprised how soft and how good it feels. Now if you think stroking the Sara Jay Fleshlight with your fingers felt good just wait until you got your hard cock inside of that pussy. The softness and realistic feel of the Sara Jay Fleshlight combined with the new and highly stimulating V-Force texture is going to make you come so fucking hard and fast.

sara jay fleshlight compared to pussy

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation syndromes you can use the Sara Jay Fleshlight to learn how to last longer. If you can last more then 5 minutes inside Sara Jay’s tight Fleshlight pussy you can go for 10-15 minutes inside a real women no problem. Get to work!

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