Jenna Jameson Fleshlight

Jenna Jameson’s new sex toy is a Fleshlight and praise jebus for that. Jenna finally gets a sex toy that feels and looks realistic.

jenna jameson fleshlight sextoy vagina

The texture inside the Jenna Jameson Fleshlight is called Legend and looks really nice with its variation in tightness and stimulation bumps and grooves. This looks to be a really good Fleshlight, can’t wait to try it out!

jenna jameson fleshlight pussy

As with all new and exclusive Fleshlights you can buy them over at (currently 25% off)


  1. I recently was introduced to the fleshlight.I have several and will probably buy several more. I tried the Jenna Jameson model. Fantastic.I highly recommend this model.I also recommend using it combination with one of her interactive dvd’s such as My Virtual Sex with Jenna Jameson or My Plaything:Jenna Jameson volumes 1 and 2. The effect of the fleshlight is magnified. The same goes for the other porn stars who have interactive or pov dvd’s. Get this fleshlight and the above dvd’s.You wont regret it.

    • Oh yeah, good call Bill. I remember those “My Plaything” DVD’s, they are amazing!

      Thanks for your thoughts and feedback.

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