New Fleshlight Collects Your Sperm

The Fleshlight Flight MD is about to hit stores shelves. It is a new spin on the popular Flight by Fleshlight that we all use and love. The 2013 edition of the Flight comes with a white case, a new sleeve texture and the option for adding on a specimen collection cup for your loads.

fleshlight sperm collection device

I suspect that this Fleshlight will get more use by regular folk then by doctors offices and sperm banks. If you are familiar with the cum eating instruction fetish you know what I’m hinting at. Visit for more


  1. so this may be a stupid question and I’m not just being a dick, I’d like to actually know the answer. Why would anyone who doesn’t frequent a sperm bank want a specimen collection cup?

  2. The cup is most likely going to be optional, the regular Flight will look like the one in the middle of the picture.

    And for whatever it is worth the Flight MD probably isn’t meant for donors only but for guys with infertility problems wanting to check the quality of their sperm. Kinda like that Automatic Sperm Extractor that the Chinese use (

    I don’t know man, some people like to collect everything!

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