Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Review
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The Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is one of the best feeling male sex toys ever made. Stoya’s Fleshlight vagina looks very realistic and it feels absolutly amazing. The nine inch long pocket pussy sleeve is filled with lots of different nodes, bumps and other highly stimulating patterns that will guarantee a mind blowing strong orgasm. If you are looking a masturbation toy that will last years and satisfy those hard to control sexual urges men get the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight is a must buy!

Why Stoya Destroya Fleshlight Is One Of The Best

  • It looks exactly like Stoya’s Pussy
  • The vaginal orifice feels like the skin of a shaved vagina
  • The Stoya Destroya texture creates real sex strong orgasms
  • Intense Fleshlight Great For Curing Death Grip Syndrome (DGS)

Stoya Destroya Fleshlight User Reviews

Feedback and reviews from new and experienced Fleshlight users.

I’ve owned and used fifteen different sleeves and the Destroya is by far my favorite. I find it a perfect fit and a pleasure every time. I also like the Forbidden sleeve but Destroya is still the top Flyer. /Thasic
I have to say thank you for this recommendation. The Destroya is one INTENSE tight ride. Although similar to the Gauntlet in feel the long “teeth” and the front chamber really do the job. I do find that it leaves me with a powerful orgasm and it gets me cumming extremely fast. /T
I’ve been using FL’s for 11 years and have tried a bunch of them. The original had always been my favorite especially well broken in, but recently my Lia 19, which was just ok, got mold and so I tossed it and replaced it with Stoya Destroya. Wow. Best FL ever. The big pussy lips make a nice entrance feel then the rest of the entrance is nice and tight making it fun to dip in and out shallowly. Then when you go further in the nubs feel pretty close to real pussy texture stimulating the head and the tight entrance strokes the shaft. It’s intense but you can surf the edge for a good while too if you take it slow.

Highly recommended. /pd979

I also just got the Destroya as my first FL this past week, got it on Friday. I have to say, my first FLight was amazing, and only lasted about 5 minutes before i couldn’t stand it any more and had to blow my load. I’ve had maybe 5 FLights since the first, and I’m already training myself to edge. I’ve managed to last 45 minutes so far, though admittedly I have to go very slow for a good few minutes after edging or I’m liable to blow my load at any moment. For me it was a toss-up between the STU and Destroya, as I’m a virgin and I wanted an intense sleeve that would allow me to train myself to last a while. Definitely glad with my choice, and wondering why I waited so long to get a FL. /Dichaeltair

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  1. Is the Destroya texture the best Stoya Fleshlight? Would you recommend any of the other Stoya sleeves?

  2. This is my favorite fleshlight. I can’t believe how good the orgasm feels inside the stoya destroya. Every man should own a sex toy like this, it is way better then fapping by hand!

  3. Stoya’s Fleshlight has to be the most realistic sex toy ever created. Fingering her pussy feels soooo real and when I slide my cock inside it I go to heaven. LOVE STOYA!


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