The Death Grip Syndrome Sucks! Cure It Now!

Have you ever masturbated so hard with your hand that your penis looks all red and chafed after you finally manage to come? That’s not how it supposed to be. If you have to touch yourself that hard you will never be able to come inside a real vagina. No pussy is as strong as your hands grip.

If you need to stroke your cock that hard in order to climax and orgasm you probably suffer from the Death Grip Syndrome. You hard grip have desensitized your cock and the only way to shoot a load is for you to squeeze harder and harder. It is a real catch 22.

How To Get Rid Off & Cure Death Grip Syndrome

Stop jerking off with your hand immediately! Let your cock rest and heal up. Try to not masturbate for at least 2 days. Then when you feel that you just have to jerk off you don’t go back to using your hand. You start using a masturbation sleeve like the Tenga or Fleshlight. The soft material will not harm your cock as your hand would, instead it help your cock to learn to feel and appreciate subtle sensations again.

Curing DGS With Sex Toys

I recommend using the Stamina Training Fleshlight or the Stoya Destroya Fleshlight. Both sleeves are tight and highly stimulating which is exactly what you need in order for your cock to regain the sensitivity it once had. Only fap with these sex toys and use plenty of lube. It may take a week or even up to a month before your cock has healed fully and you will finally be able to come inside of a womans vagina. Never again will you have to furiously jerk yourself off during real sex.

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  1. I think I have DGS because it takes a long time for me to come with my girlfriend I often have to jerk myself off to come. I wish I could come inside her pussy but I need more stimulation…

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